Think Tank Brain Storming – Case Study

Recently, our Online Think Tank did a little brain-storming on a new innovative product, which had just hit the market. The device was a special cooling unit that one could wear over their heads like a hat, combination face guard. It looked like something you might see in a wrestling match only it was attached to a central cooling unit.

The inventors of this special system had been marketing it as a medical device, obviously that is one excellent use for such a thing, still they were wondering what other markets might be available. Thus, we started brain-storming on potential killer applications. One Think Tank member turned in this list after 14-minutes. It seems as he went on the potential applications became better and better. Indeed, a couple of them were chosen by the group to actually go with, to launch a into a new sub-market. Below is the list, see what you think?

  1. “Brain Cooling Head Cap” during neuron stimulation in neuroscience while using eeg or fMRI machines – Humans or Chimpanzees.
  2. Super Computer Cooling System on a ship, building or MRI scanning trailer.
  3. Pre-phase cryogenic entry period, cooling down body.
  4. Frost Bite training for “rescue teams” or “survival military training” in Alaska.
  5. Prevention of Blood Boiling during “electronic attack” military application.
  6. Olympic Training Center tool for muscle pulls
  7. NASCAR helmet insert system – needs modification, but could work.
  8. Underwater Deep Sea Diving Recovery tool.
  9. Airport Fire Fighting rescue suit cooling system back pack mounted.
  10. Space Colony or Space Exploration safety device.
  11. Ship Boiler Room crew cooling unit.
  12. Truck Driver cooling unit to save energy on air-conditioning.
  13. Army Tank Cooling unit for operators.
  14. Cooling of electronic equipment in UGVs.
  15. Torture Psyche technique tool to cause despair and depression to break the will of enemy combatants.
  16. Help calm drug over dose users on methamphetamine.
  17. Club Med system for elite vacationers – cruise ships, 5-7 star resorts (Dubai).
  18. Calm down Middle Eastern politicians before the political process.
  19. Burn Victim device for civilian, firefighters and military.
  20. Slow the process of infections, viruses and run-away bacteria in parts of the body.
  21. Race Horse – cooling system.
  22. Plastic Box cover case for test-tube racks in experimental research.
  23. Ammunition cashe – cooling system.
  24. Private Jet electronics cockpit dash board cooling system for the ramp (dashboard cover).
  25. Wrap system for a fuel cell ceramic hydrogen conversion system.
  26. Post Boxing Match device to protect Rocky’s face for interviews on TV.
  27. Cooling system for high-tech living room xBox of the future featuring VR systems.
  28. Wrap system for saving donor organs for transport.
  29. VIP Box cooling system for Fans – built in or can be ordered for a fee on super hot days.
  30. Keeping liquid rocket fuel tanks on small missiles cool for transport in the sand box.
  31. Protecting biological weapons before dispersion.
  32. Slowing decay process for forensic investigations for transportation or temporarily on site.
  33. Blood Supply temporary storage system for Blood Donation Station mobile units
  34. Computer desk work station component to cool electronics.
  35. Charging station cooling system for multiple battery system sleeves.
  36. Fooling sensors from enemy infrared (big application).
  37. Use on Pipelines to control fluid dynamics to slow or speed up the fluid as needed.
  38. Use on pipes during drilling process externally on the sleeves or within dual walled pipes.
  39. Cause Bernoulli Effect within exhaust jets (as a liner or mounted on the exterior of restriction piping) to control flow for directional thrusting.
  40. Separation and Precipatation process in chemical manufacturing, to wrap around vats at specific fluid levels, operates in sync with sonar fluid level sensors.
  41. Astronaut Space Suit Cooling System.
  42. Bus Driver Cap cooling system.
  43. Slowing and Stopping Bleeding, coagulating artificial blood in emergencies.
  44. Special Alloy composite manufacturing bonding processes in descreet engineering and manufacturing.
  45. Testing completed products for weather conditions during salt-spray tests or simulating aircraft at altitude for wind tunnels.
  46. Pancaked flange system with airflow tips to cause condensation and separate water from air, by controlling cooling.
  47. Pre-artificial hip surgery to slow system, numb region and prevent excessive loss of blood.
  48. Pre-seat cooling for sporting events.
  49. Cooling for steering wheels, seat belts, door handles, parking break on luxury cars.
  50. Propulsion steering device for UAV dirigibles
  51. Bed cooling to prevent running air-conditioner in hot summers, like a heating blanket – opposite.
  52. Protecting against spontaneous combustion of inert gases passing through pipes.
  53. Protecting a warfighter from biological weapons they breath, slows the process until discharging.
  54. Protecting warfighters and SWAT Teams with too much gear on them in 130 ambient ground temps.
  55. Golf Cart seat cooling system.

It is truly amazing how the human mind works or how well some people can see something and instantly come up with applications in such a short amount of time. Just think if all of our minds could do this – that is what we are thinking right now.