What Can We Do to Prevent Global Warming?

Global warming is a bane for a present generation and a dead end for a future. This pernicious problem has ruined our nature and milieu. Normal day-to-day life has got topsy-turvy– Rise in temperature every year, drying of river leading to the scarcity of water and causing droughts, over speed meting of glaciers resulting in floods and so total relegation of a smooth living.

But, it’s never too late. We have to stipulate reasonable and solid steps to curb this devil which is eating our mind and body quickly and to some extent completely.

Few steps that can be taken to minimize Global Warming before it reaches culmination are-

USE OF ECO FRIENDLY VEHICLES— use of hybrid vehicles or CNG vehicles emit less carbon in the atmosphere compared to diesel or gasoline vehicles. These smart vehicles produce gases that are lighter than air and are dispersed quickly when released;

STOP DEFORESTATION– trees in the forest can consume around 50% carbon and pumps clean oxygen in the air. This reduces carbon content in the atmosphere followed by the slowing down of Global Warming. So, stop deforestation and ultimately reduce Global Warming.

PLANT TREES AND OTHER PLANTS-the effect of greenhouse gases can be revert. Planting of trees and other plants reduces the carbon and other greenhouse gases. They clean the air and provide rich oxygen to the environment. By taking this step we can make this planet a better place.

USE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES-instead of using fossil fuels or non-renewable energy sources that impart pernicious effects on the environment; renewable energy sources like- solar and wind power and municipal wastes can be used. These sources do not have large amount of carbon emission. There use will mark a big difference in the pace of Global Warming.

ENERGY CONSERVATION MEASURES-conservation of energy will minimize the Global Warming impacts. Like-turning of electricity when does not require, walking up to a short distance rather using motor vehicles. Well- insulated home and use of energy efficient appliances not only help in Global Warning problem but also save your pocket.

USE OF CFL BULBS INSTEAD OF ILB-using of Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs instead of Incandescent Light Bulbs can make 60% less use of energy at home. And this lower energy demand will simultaneously help to fight Global Warming.

The whole planet is under trepidation about the ill-effects of Global Warming which are palpable.

Some lumpish and lunatic beings are the main cause of deforestation and animal extinction without anticipating the ruined future for them and next generation.

If even now we stand together with strong determination to save our planet, it’s true the problem will be reduced to much lower level. So, let’s hold hands together to SAVE OUR PLANET.