Water4Gas Scam – Is This Water Powered Car Kit a Scam?

The Water4Gas Scam claims you can double your gas mileage burning water. Over publicized products are not in short supply in the market place. The truth is very few rise above the millions of scams that take advantage of people’s susceptibility to overly high oil prices, making themselves rich.

So, what’s the scoop on the Water4Gas Scam?

How does it work, what is it, and what do you get? Let’s start what it is not. It will not allow you to use all water and no gas. And it does not claim to. (it does include a dozen plans to 100% water powered car plans, but the average tinkerer will not be able to build it. The other main problem is this is only instructions , not a install and forget kit. The last and biggest problem is it takes some mechanical ability to build. (NOTE: ALL assembly required.) It should take an evening to fabricate it. Luckily, it only required basic tools, with the exception of maybe a soldering iron.

Now, what do you get? Lots of promises, like huge fuel savings, increased engine life, less pollutants, more power, and less wear on pistons. (Read on to see if they’re true.) I am sick of scams. The Water4Gas scam did look good. It includes several books (which you have to read on your computer or print out, another downfall.) One is the instructions to five different devices you can construct to save gasoline. The others only compliment the main device. The second book contains quite a bit of information to supplement the instruction book. They include a report which shows you how to get the government to pay for your changes to your vehicle. They throw in two other books with various energy secrets and lost free energy inventions, and a dozen plans to a 100% water powered cars.

Besides the main instructional book, the primary thing you get is an invitation to an open market place (you only get this when you buy the book..bummer). The free market has pre-assembled kits you can buy if you don’t want to build your own, at a tremendous discount. You can talk with other people all over the world who have already bought and installed the device. Again, you have to buy the book first, to participate.

So, what does it do? In short, it uses your battery to remove hydrogen from water. It combines the hydrogen with your gas in your engine, burning the gas more efficiently, thus saving you money.

So, is the Water4Gas scam, the real deal or not? The truth is, at least in this case, people yell scam because they don’t bother to educate themselves first. Are there charlatans out there, yes. I figured on getting ripped off when I bought it. However upon scanning through the instructions and books, I thought, maybe it will work. So, I spent $57 and built the device and installed it.

I am not as motivated as some of the people I’ve found. Consequently, I did not double my mileage, I only increased just over 50%. 21 mpg to 33 mpg, in my car. Not bad. Is it a scam? No. Over 15,000 people have purchased the eBook in over 50 countries. I wonder why isn’t this headline news everywhere?

So, about the Water4Gas scam. You do have choices. One just ignore this information, and continue to pay more than you need to for fuel (don’t worry OPEC will be fair), or two take action. You don’t have to be a politician to make a difference. You can help shape the future, one car at a time.