Victory Motorcycle Customizing

It is an exciting time for Victory motorcycle owners. The Victory motorcycle aftermarket is heating up. There are now more options to choose from for making your Victory unique and giving it that custom look. From the days when we owned our 2004 Victory Kingpin, there was not many options in the Victory aftermarket. Now there exists a wide selection of products from which to choose. These products range from simple bolt on chrome pieces (BLING!) to custom LED lighting, turn signals, license brackets, to finally performance products.

We here at Cycle Solutions are Victory Motorcyclists; we are passionate about our Victory motorcycles and excited about what the after market has to offer. We know what works well together and what does not. Our mission is to help our fellow Victory motorcycle riders choose the right part to satisfy their needs. Our Cycle Solutions customers are not customers to us they are guests. We value building a relationship with our guests and strive to make every guest happy. We want you to have an enjoyable online experience. Cycle Solutions does not advertise, we count on “Word-of-mouth” advertising from our guests to get the word out. There are instances where you can buy an item for less, we can offer competitive pricing but find if we offer deep discounts, we will not be in business much longer to serve you. Cycle Solutions offers online and personal phone technical consultation for the motorcycle aftermarket. Are you unable to find that hard-to-find part? Just ask us, odds are we have it and just have not added it to the site’s store. If we do not have it, we will refer you to a shop that does. We are all motorcycle enthusiasts and want to work with the other stores when possible.

OK, now that we have convinced you that we are here to help you in any way possible with the Victory motorcycle aftermarket, let us give you some examples of some of the areas we have successfully helped out some of our cycle Solutions Victory guests.

– The first thing to go on most Victory motorcycles is the stock turn signals. Whether you own a Kingpin, Vegas, 8-Ball, Hammer or Jackpot, we have a few LED turn signal configurations to fit your needs.

– The next thing to go on most Victory motorcycles is the stock license bracket. There are now several options on laydown, sidemounts, radiused illuminated sidemounts license brackets from which to choose. We can guide you to pick the best one for your Victory motorcycle.

– Once you have your Victory all blinged out and looking good, it is time to consider some performance modifications. Yummy, these are excellent modifications that will get a few more horsepower out of your Victory Freedom 92ci or 100ci engine. Some of these performance modifications include, installing a simple plug and play fuel controller module. We strongly recommend the Lloydz VFC generation 2 or generation 3. You will not be disappointed. The ugly stock plastic coffin shaped air box is the next thing to go. Removing the stock air box and installing a high-performance aftermarket air intake like the PMRT air intake will do two things:

1) it will clean up the front part of your motor opening up the entire area under the tank and in front of the Victory Freedom motor — really makes it look custom.
2) PERFORMANCE! with the PMRT, you get more air flow into your motor, Bam! More power.

Installing the PMRT with the Lloydz VFC is the best performance bang for the buck on the market today. Finally, to finish off your performance upgrade, we suggest installing an aftermarket exhaust system by either Hackerpipes or SRVT. The SRVT Aces exhaust have heat shields, require no frame mods and provide an incredibly high air flow – which means performance. With these pipes it is highly recommended that a Lloydz Victory Fuel controller be installed to help offset the extra lean condition a high-performance exhaust may introduce.

– For the 2003-2005 Victory motorcycles with the 92ci / 5 speed transmission, we strongly recommend having the 32-tooth overdrive pulley installed. This will smooth out your bike at high speeds. No more hi-rpms and vibrations when going over 70mph. The overdrive pulley makes your Victory act like it has a sixth gear. Excellent modification. Please contact us for more detail.

– With the performance modifications come a lot of questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any performance questions or need advice on which system will work best for your Victory. If we do not know the answer, we will find it for you.

– Motorcycle safety is high on our list and one of our specialties. If you are looking for ways to make your motorcycle more noticed and safer, please contact us. We have some excellent products that will make you noticed and heard. These items also look cool and get your fellow riders talking. Some items we offer and strongly recommend are: 128db Air Horn, Back-Off brake modulator, Headlight modulator, LED turn signals.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. The high-quality Victory aftermarket items are not cheap! But you spent $20k on a Victory so these high-quality parts cost money to produce. Bottom line, these are great products and will make your Victory unique and get noticed. Beware of knock-offs on our products and sites that discount. Most times they are selling inferior or damaged items and will not honor returns. Also beware of sites with no address or phone number contact information. We strongly believe in providing online and on-phone customer support. Being able to speak with one of our Victory specialists is always a benefit before making a purchase. Most sites do not offer this support.

Cycle Solutions values our guests and we strive to build a relationship with our guests. We want to be the first source that you turn to for your Victory After market needs. We have teamed up with the Kingpin Cruisers site at to help build our Victory community and to meet local riders and have events. Check the KEG site out, it is a FREE Victory site.