The Virtuous Hydrogen Water Fuel

The Virtuous Hydrogen Water Fuel

Today, the world is seeing an explosion in the need for fossil fuels. Some people blame this on the United States and Western Europe, as their industries and automobiles consume vast quantities of oil and gas. Well, that is only partially true. Also today, India and China have booming economies and growing populations. Where once a car and other “creature comforts” were only for the rich, both nations also have a burgeoning middle class, and these people want a better life! So, that thus means a need for more fuel. As a result, the price of gas can only go up. Now, granted, it may go through phases where it fluctuates a bit, but the overall trend is constantly up. In the United States, it now stands at over four dollars a gallon, and the economic impact is being felt across the nation. Less driving for summer vacations, higher fuel bills, higher costs of just about everything that is transported by truck and air, and rising airline ticket prices. This has also led to more demand for travel by rail. As Amtrak needs more trains and cars, this will necessitate an investment in infrastructure across the country.

Then, there is also the issue of Global Warming. The use of fossil fuels has resulted in large amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. We’re already seeing the results of this with longer hotter summers, more intense hurricanes, shorter winters, and more severe droughts. So, anything we can do to reduce emissions of these gases is a good thing.

Next, there is the issue of terrorism. It is no secret that there are people in this world – mainly in the Middle East – who are bent on committing terrible acts of terror around the world. The fact that we buy oil from them means that we are providing them with the funds they need to do just that. On the other hand, if we can “wean” ourselves from oil, and find a viable alternative, we can financial starve them of the funds them need.

Then too is the question of which alternative fuel to use. Some advocate corn or sugar ethanol, as they are renewable bio-fuels. Then there is wind and wave, solar and nuclear, and even geothermal. Yet, when looking for a fuel for vehicles, hydrogen is truly the best way to go. The problem with most bio-fuels is that the food taken away for fuel production could be better used for animal feed or human consumption. Recent corn ethanol production has caused price increases for food and feed. When you consider that fuel prices are also going up, this will only add to the world food problem.

With hydrogen fuel, it has the virtue of not taking resources away from other areas. Also, the only “pollution” created by such vehicles is pure water! The technology is there; it just needs to be implemented. Also, the fuel components – hydrogen and oxygen are as abundant as just about anything on Earth. Now, some people worry about the idea of driving around with pure oxygen and hydrogen in their car. Well, consider this: you drive around with a tank full of gasoline! That is a highly explosive liquid, and has led to countless car fires over the years. Today, with the technology available, a hydrogen car is extremely safe. When you put that together with the savings on fuel bills, the improvements to the environment, and the economic and social benefits to our society as a whole; you’ll see that hydrogen technology is the way to go.