The Sony NP-BG1 Battery Pack

For people who own a Sony Cyber-Shot camera, there is nothing more important than having the right accessories. One such accessory is a replacement battery. This article will take a look at the Sony NP-BG1 Battery. It will give a brief overview and what people should expect from this product. Sony is known worldwide for creating technologically advanced products that are not only unique, but also extremely attractive. These products are targeted at a diverse group of people who have varying lifestyles. One such product from Sony is the digital camera.

People who own Sony Digital Cameras know how important it is to have extra power with them. For specific cameras, the Sony NP-BG1 battery provides them with the extra power that it needs. The NP-BG1 is a lithium-ion battery and has an exceptional battery life and can be charged quickly. This is great for individuals as they are able to spend less time waiting around on it to charge and more time taking pictures.

The Sony NP-BG1 Battery works in a wide range of Sony Cameras, especially the Cyber-Shot W series. The battery life will give it up to 200 minutes, while at the same time of the ability to take upwards of 270 pictures. It also comes with Accupower, which allows the battery to display how much minutes are left on the battery life. The battery also has a power rating of 3.6 volts. It can also be charged in different chargers that are available.

Product Description

  • Dimensions (Approx.): Width 35.5 x Height 8.3 x Depth 41.6mm (1 7/16 x 11/32 x 1 11/16in)
  • Weight: 27g (1oz)
  • Battery Type : LITHIUM-ION G Type
  • Capacity: 3.4Wh
  • Voltage Output: DC3.6V (mean)

In closing, the Sony NP-BG1 Replacement Battery is a must have for Sony Digital Camera owners. This accessory will give them the ability to power up their camera after their first power pack has been exhausted. It gives a good amount of battery life and comes with an indicator that explains how much time is left. This is a definite must buy.