The Power of Titles in Marketing

“A good title is a work of a genius!” – E. Haldeman-Julius

E. Haldeman-Julius single-handedly sold over 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) Books by only describing each book by its “Title Only.”

Haldeman-Julius used to sell little blue books at $.05 each back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

If a particular book didn’t hit its quota of 10,000 sold a year, for a couple consecutive years, it would go to what he called the hospital. That is where he would analyze the book to see if he could improve the title to increase the sales and revive the book.

He did this with several books, even classics, and often increased sales drastically. Here are a few examples:

“The Fleece Of Gold” in 1925 only sold 6000 copies but in 1926 with the new title of “The Quest for a Blond Mistress” sold a whopping 50,000.

“The Mystery of the Iron Mask” at 11,000 vs. “The Mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask” sold 30,000 copies.

“The King Enjoys Himself” at 8,000 sold vs. “The Lustful King Enjoys Himself! Snatched From The Grave!” sold 38,000 copies.

This is only a few examples of the hundreds of books that he was able to increase sales with by improving the title.

Now this does not only apply to books. This applies to all kinds of things, even marketing life insurance.

Titles to Express a Message

Having the right title can serve you, and your life insurance business well. A company’s name for example. Like Budget Rent-A-Car. The name alone conveys a message and appeals to a certain demographic.

Hertz and Avis have to do much more advertising to convey their marketing message. There are plenty of places to get your oil changed in your car quickly…but Jiffy Lube instantly comes to mind when I glance down at the odometer and realize that I’m over due for an oil change myself.

Some titles brilliantly convey a much desired promise of speed and ease. Minute Maid Lemonade Or Minute Rice Or Easy Mac.

Some titles convey superiority. The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Other titles convey a trustworthy and desirable service, like Certified Retirement Planners, CRP.

Consider the Purpose of the Title

If you ever intend to put a title on anything: like a book, service, product, business or whatever…consider its purpose. Think about the message you want it to convey. A title is no less than a headline. It is often your first and last chance to lore in new prospects and clients. Take full advantage of the opportunity to stand out and make a good first impression.