The Difference Between Electric Valve and Solenoid Valve

In the valve world, it is hard for people to distinguish the two valves namely solenoid valve and electric valve. Therefore it results in some troubles during selection or application. In order to help people have clear knowledge between the two valves, the following passages will analyze their differences in detail.

Before people know the differences between them, it is of great importance to be familiar with their definitions. Simply speaking, the electric valve is a device which is controlled by the electric actuator to open and close. It is composed of two parts, namely electric actuator on the upper part and valve on the lower part. As for the definition of solenoid valve, it is a mechanical device which is designed to control the flow of fluids such as oil, water, air and other gases through the movement of the magnetic plunger. It is a combination of two basic units: an assembly of the solenoid and the plunger, and a valve with an opening where a disc or plug is positioned to regulate the flow.

According to the above definitions, it can be concluded one obvious difference between the two valves. It is about the way to open or close the valve. The electric valve is generally opened or closed by the electric motor. If people want to turn on or shut off the valve, they need certain analog of time. At the same time the opening or closing of this valve can be regulated. It has the forms of completely opening, completely closing or half opening or closing. For the solenoid valve, it is opened or closed by the magnetic plug. When the coil is powered, the plug is drawn into the solenoid. The valve operates when current is applied to the solenoid. The valve returns automatically to its original position when the current ceases. The valve can only be on or off and meanwhile the time for opening or closing is very short.

The next difference is their working nature. Because the electric one is controlled by electric motor, it can put up with the voltage surge, compared with the solenoid one. The solenoid valve is opened or closed in a short time, so it is often used for the place with low flow rate and pressure but high intensity for switching. What’s more, after electricity failure, the solenoid valve can be restored but the electric one has such a function. If it wants to restore, it needs to install the device for restoring function.

The third difference is their application. Because of their difference working principle and conditions, their application is of course different. The electric one is often used for regulation or as a switch, such as used at the end of fan coil. The solenoid one is applicable for some places with special requirement, such as special fluid medium.