The Consumer Report Perspectives of Environmentally Friendly Hybrid Cars

Hybrids are hot nowadays. Hybrid cars use 2 engine, one for the traditional fuel, while the other uses the energy from a rechargeable battery. The recent years had car manufacturers scrambling to roll out a entire spectrum of Hybrid Cars from the most popular brands to the more obscure. What then is or guarantee that we are protected from too much hype, instead of an honest advertising?

Hybrid Cars according to Consumer Reports
There are many hybrid cars information available, especially on their features, engine specifications, designs, colors and much other dizzying information. Information from manufacturers’ websites are also good source of needed preliminary knowledge n hybrid cars. But such sites are good for information gathering, and much more comparison activities should be done before buying your hybrid cars.

The Pros
“These hybrid systems have been very reliable,” declares David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports’ auto test center, influential consumer survey. This center, collects individual consumer reports on hybrid cars, and uses the statistics to come up with a talk paper. It also accords “awards” to car with the best review report.

However, some automobile experts and analysts have criticized the hybrid car powertrain, as flamboyant in that two engines are being used for one purpose. Consumer Reports on the other hand, disagreed. Champion explained that the electric motor adds power to the engine.

Prior to the award proper, Consumer Report conducts a testing, by applying some actual expectations of consumers to hybrid cars. The Accord hybrid for instance, achieved superior fuel efficiency unsurpassed by its conventional counterparts.

The Cons
But as in other endeavor, consumer reports on hybrid cars also impartially advises from a different perspective. An alternative consumer view from the same center posed the question: “Considering a hybrid car? Don’t rush out to the dealership just yet.”

The center asserts that they are not against the protection of environment and it also insisted that they are supportive for burning less fossil fuel. Their concerns, essentially stems from some financial experts arguments that hybrid drivers may be paying a higher price for an automobile that offers marginally better fuel efficiency than the other economy cars already on the road.

These are but only few of the literature that deals with consumer reports on hybrid cars. It is, ultimately, depends on the consumer, to peruse on many information regarding hybrid cars.

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