Success Principle For Personal Development – The ABC’s of Success and Simple Advice to a Better Life

Success Principle For Personal Development – The ABC’s of Success and Simple Advice to a Better Life

If you were to sum-up these A-Z success principles, they all mean one thing: we must take responsibility for our lives. We all have our unique talents, and if we focus on our innate abilities rather than our weaknesses, we can achieve amazing results in all aspects of our lives. In order to have a better life, I believe Personal Development is absolutely essential.

The main objective is that we must decide what we want, believe we deserve it and go for it. Here are a simple set of rules for success. By consciously implementing these simple truths, we can achieve higher levels of performance and achievement in all areas of our lives.

The ABC’s of Success:

o Authentic Life: Sadly most people spend enormous amounts of energy keeping up with the Joneses, rather than doing what it’s really important to them and live an Authentic life, a life that resonate with our inner beings. True happiness can only be achieved by being authentic and seeking happiness from within. It’s time to claim our authentic self and live our lives to our fullest potential and a purposeful life.

o Believe In Yourself: Henry Ford said it best: “whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right”. We must first believe in ourselves and in our innate talents that we can achieve our goals. Without this belief, we would never even attempt to do anything about our dreams and goals. You must be like the toddler who just starts learning to walk! Always believe in yourself and hold that image of yourself as if you already have achieved what you’ve set to do.

o Courage: Especially moral courage. If you have moral courage, you will always act congruence with your moral principles, regardless of whatever popular opposition you may be faced with. On your quest to success, you will certainly to be faced with difficult decisions and dilemmas, but if you have the strength of an ethical leader, you will make the right decisions every time. We must internalize this, not just make it an intellectual exercise.

o Drive: A high degree of self-motivation. This motivation should be internal and you must focus on your “WHY” If you were to study all self-made men and women, you will learn that all, without exception, have one thing in common, they are all self-motivated. Burning desire to succeed, is prerequisite to success. Find a reason to succeed and all self-imposed obstacles to success such as: fear, procrastination, etc. will disappear. If you have a strong internal drive, then tenacity and persistence will guide you to the top.

o Enthusiasm: The word originates from the Ancient Greece and it means: The God Within. Enthusiasm helps you connect with your inner power. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. It’s the fuel which powers you to success. With enthusiasm you have the inspiration to stay the course of your undertaking. It will sustain you as you go through difficult times, and believe me, you will.

o Family and Friends: What good is there to achieve success in business for example, but to fail in most important part of life, which is family. How sad must it be when a child ask: mom, dad can you please come and see me play at my soccer game? Only for the parents to respond: Sorry, I have to work tomorrow. They have no time for what matter most. Missing those special moments, such as: first words, first steps, etc. are truly priceless. Having the ability to be there for our friends when they need us most is also priceless. So my advice is find a way to get out of the Rat-race and work from home. This is 21st Century. Spending most of your time with your boss and in traffic surely doesn’t give you much time for your loved ones.

o Goals: Goals are your motivating force for turning your vision of the future into reality. Without goals, you are like the ship without the rudder and the destination you end up, probably you wouldn’t like it. So set you goals with the attitude of “burning the boats”. Succeed or perish. Your goals should be smart. S. M. A. R.T. Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely

Specific, stretching, significant

Measurable, motivational, meaningful

Attainable, achievable, action-oriented, acceptable

Realistic, results-oriented, relevant, reasonable, rewarding

Timely, time-based, track-able, tangible

o Health: We must have an holistic approach that encompasses all 3 aspects: Mind, body and spirit. If we radiate wellness, other people will follow us and then we would be able to carry the message of wellness to all people of the world.

o Imagination: Unlike knowledge, imagination has no limits. If you can imagine your goals, then you should be able to achieve them. We can’t overstate the power of imagination for it’s the gateway to the world of unlimited potential. Every Olympian without exception, has first imagined the medal on their necks long before the competition. The same goes for every self-made man and woman.

o Just do it! What else is there to be said!

o Knowledge: In today’s information and service based global economy, knowledge especially specialized knowledge is critical to your success. The acquisition of knowledge should be your life-long quest. If your car is not a University on wheels, you are missing big time. All successful leaders are knowledgeable in their chosen field.

o Love: Love and be loved! Love is one of the most important things in life.

o Money: Pay yourself first and NEVER live beyond your means. Supplement Your Income: Start and internet business. Find something that is in alignment with your passion. Whatever that is. For me is health and wellness.

o Now: The power of now: Living in the now, Live in the present moment.

o Optimism: With optimism, even from bad situation we can learn something valuable. It gives us the ability to see the good in the worst of situations. It’s a proven fact that optimistic attitude is beneficial to both mental health and physical well-being. Optimism is another prerequisite to success. Life is full of adversities, winners at the game of life are those optimistic people who expect to win every time.

o Persuasion: One characteristic you will find common in every successful person, even a child is the ability to persuade others. For example: to be a great parent, you must have the ability to persuade. If your kids don’t want to do what you want them to do, then it means you are a very poor salesperson. Three critical elements must be present for effective persuasion: trust, logic, and emotion.

o Quitters: Everything that is worthwhile is difficult at first, before it becomes easy. The problem with most people is that they quit too soon and hence quitters can never win. Perseverance is what separates winner from losers.

o Risk Taker: We most often regret more the things we haven’t tried and what could have been; than the things we have tried and not succeeded. Play-it-safers are people who live in the rut. Life for them is very monotonous rather than an daring adventure. Robert Frost once said: Two roads diverged in the forest; I took the one less traveled, and it made all the difference.

o Stop procrastinating: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

o Take control of your own destiny: You have the power to create your very own destiny. You are in total control.

o Understand yourself: Plato said it better than anybody else could have: “The first and greatest victory is to conquer self; to be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile.”

o Vision: Helen Keller bluntly said: “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.” What’s your vision for your future? Are you living for the weekend?

o Willpower: It takes inner strength and that indomitable will to have willpower. Do you have it?

o eXcited: Be excited about your life. Life is too short to be otherwise!

o You: Honor you. There’s no one like you.

o Zero-in like a laser beam on your main target, and go for it. Never look back or hesitate.

To your health, success, prosperity and abundance,