Safety Instruction For Kid’s Bike Ride

Like any other kid in the neighborhood, my six year old loves to go for bike ride. Sometime he comes back with a cut and sometime with a bruise but that doesn’t stop him from taking out his bicycle every evening for a ride. Bicycle riding is not only fun but a great way to keep kids active. According to a survey, bicycling is the most popular form of exercise among kids between the age group of 5-12yrs. But it also has some degree of danger associated with it. Hence, parents who send their child for bike ride must be careful about certain safety guidelines.

  • Safe outfits: Be particular about what to make them wear. A well-fitted dress will be a good choice to avoid getting caught in chain. Make them wear bright colored clothes, so that they are visible from a distance. Sport shoes are very important for safe riding.
  • Safety Gear: A good quality and perfectly fit helmet should be worn each time a kid goes for biking. Helmet is the most important safety gear apart from knee guard and elbow guard.
  • Safety check of bicycle: Parent should conduct safety check each time, before your kid goes for biking. See if the chain and brakes need any tightening or the seats are in proper height. Check the air pressure of tires.
  • Safe Route for ride: Don’t allow your child to go out in unknown area. A safe and specific route should be established for riding. It is better to send them along with their friends. If the kids are all below the age of 10, then one of the parents of the children should accompany them.
  • Safety road rules: Teach them about basic road rules. A child under the age of 10 is supposed to ride on sidewalk. Follow single lane when riding in groups. Stop them from using head phone or i-pods.

Bike riding can also be a Fun-filled family event if done together. Otherwise always educate your child about safety while biking.