Record of the Honda CB 100

The Honda CB 100 (Super Sport 100) was a primary commuter motorbike introduced all the way again in 1970, with manufacture continuing right up until only 1972. Nonetheless, in these 3 a long time this fundamental bicycle became an worldwide favorite as a trustworthy, frugal city or metropolis bike. The primary chassis and style of the bike was not innovative, considering the fact that it adopted the earlier CB bikes. In point, clones of the CB 100 have continued to dominate several international locations in some areas of the entire world, many thanks to its simplicity and dependability.

At the heart of the Honda CB 100 is a basic air cooled, one cylinder, 4 stroke 99cc engine. It developed just 11 hp at 8000 rpm, but this was plenty of electrical power for a light-weight commuter bicycle with a kerb excess weight of just more than 200 lbs. With a fantastic rider and lengthy stretch of street, the CB 100 could touch best speeds nearing 70 mph. Nevertheless, due to the fact the CB 100 carried only simple expanding shoe brakes on both equally 18 inch wheels, this was rapid enough for safe riding! The CB 100 functioned extremely effectively in tiny, overcrowded roadways, in which this compact Honda could easily zip previous clogged targeted traffic.

The CB 100 motor came with Honda’s have compelled wet sump lubrication method that made upkeep a breeze. A 5 pace transmission employed a wet multi-plate clutch process for easy operation on crowded metropolis streets, which need a superior variety of equipment changes even throughout quick rides. Made for basic run-arounds, the Honda CB 100 had a fundamental, comfortable seat and suitable suspension for level metropolis streets. Even with a tank possessing a gas capacity of just about 2 gallons, the Honda CB 100 essential shockingly couple refills, many thanks to the frugal 99cc motor and gentle chassis. In authentic driving disorders, the CB 100 returned figures among 80 and 95 mpg, generating it an cost-effective, practical ride.

Throughout the 3 several years of output, there have been some beauty variations created to just about every year’s manufacturing, but no significant complex modifications. For numerous Honda fans, the 1972 model is the very best wanting, with its white tank, aspect deal with with tasteful color inserts, and masses of chrome. Even so, you can nevertheless find previously designs in elements of the Uk, whilst riders in some components of Asia are satisfied to acquire specific clones produced regionally. With the right high-quality of authentic spare elements, the Honda CB 100 is still a excellent tiny commuter bike that promises minimal, but provides a lot more.