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RC stock cars are controlled during the Brown County Fair Thursday.
photo by Daniel Olson

NEW ULM– Every year at the Brown County Free Fair, there is something new for attendees to experience. This year, RC stock cars took the track for the first time.

The set-up features a typical oval race track, with six cars to choose from. For $5, participants get two minutes to test their speed and strategy. The person to complete the most laps in that time wins bragging rights against their competitors.

The experience was set up by RORRing entertainment out of Winfield, Kansas. Co-owner Paul Sutton said his passion for car racing games started early.

“It started as a kid with a slotted race car track I was able to play at an auto show,” he said. “I was so intrigued by it, we would go up every year it came and spend our money playing. When I was older, I saw [RC car racing] in an Entrepreneur Magazine. I knew exactly what it was and how it operated, so I inquired about it. Eight months later, I bought it. That’s how it all started back in 2008.”

Sutton said the hardest part of doing the event is putting the track together. The track is comprised of 18 pieces, 12 corner pieces 35 pounds each and 6 straightaway pieces 50 pounds each. What’s made all the hard work worth it is the reactions from those who play.

“I can tell you for the most part, it’s very positive,” Sutton said. “I would say 95% of all the people to walk away from here had a blast. Some people can catch on to the driving and have fun with it. Some people can’t catch on to it and get a little frustrated but typically have a lot of fun doing it anyway. Generally everybody’s pretty pleased and it’s attractive to both adults and kids.”

The activity not only brings brand new excitement to attendees both young and old, it also benefits the fair. All of the money spent on each two-minute drive goes directly back to the fair board to be re-invested.

“I don’t want people to feel like we come in, take their money, and leave,” Sutton said. “All the money goes right back to the Fair Board, which is invested back into your fair here in your county. That’s a cool thing, how we set up our system and how we do things.”

The RC cars are available starting at 12 p.m for the rest of the fair. For more information, go to the RORRing Entertainment Facebook page.

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