Pinarello FP3

Giovanni Pinarello was born in catena di villorba in 1922. Giovanni Pinarello is the founder of the Pinarello. Giovanni Pinarello was a great athlete and with his determination and strong belief in himself, he was able to start his own brand of bicycles. The Pinarello initially started developing the bicycles according to the athlete’s requirement, and later the company Pinarello became a brand name and started printing their logo on the jersey.

The Pinarello FP3 is available in 14 different sizes out of which 10 sizes for men and 4 special angle versions for the ladies. The Pinarello has developed many products for the race such as Dogma Carbon, Kobh Carbon, Paris Carbon, Prince Carbon, FPQUATTRO Carbon, FP3 Carbon, FP2 Carbon, FP1 Aluminium.

The FP3 is a Pinarello laboratory’s design product, which is the best selling product in the market. The FP3 was launched in the year 2009 based on the Prince Carbon shapes and its firmness and sweet lines have decreased the market value of its predecessor. The Pinarello FP3 is more alike to the Prince Carbon but the difference between the two is the amount of the carbon composite material used in the bicycle. For the FP3 they use 30HM12k and for the prince they use 50HM12k, which gives the rider a comfortable feel on and a balanced grip to flow with the air.

The dimensions and the geometry for the Pinarello FP3 are somewhat identical as that of Prince Carbon. The Prince Carbon, FP Carbon and the FP3 Carbon all of these series have a same monocoque triangle head which is linked to the rear triangle with new wider fork blades for extra stiffness and control. The headset for the FP3 Carbon has a dimension of 1 1/8″-1 1/4″ which is integrated to give a personalized look. The Pinarello FP3 weighs less than 19 lbs, which is not too light in comparison Shimano Dura which weighs 17.5 lbs.

The Pinarello FP3 has a fit and excellent finish. The Pinarello guys know to make the best bike with best look and best functionality. As seen with the other bikes they have a touch point where they don’t work as they were before in comparison to the new Pinarello FP3 which works overall excellent.

The FP3 series have a great and a powerful transmission which will make the rider comfortable for climbing the hill, turning at corners and running down the hill. It’s like the bike is an automated and has the given the senses to formulate the route according to our mind planning and turn the bike as per the thoughts smoothly and carefully. This expertise touch has been sensed by many of the riders and preferred as one of the best bike in the market.

The strengths of the Pinarello FP3 are that they are stiff but forgiving ride. Have a great acceleration power, climbing, descending and cornering power, powerful handling, awesome look and a head turner. And at the end I would like to say that the bike gives you a whole day riding comfort.