Motorcycle Salvage Yards – Where and What to Look For

Motorcycle salvage is a great way to get a high end bike at a reasonable low end cost. I am not kidding. I’ve seen deals were people were selling high end Ducati motorcycles priced at around $2000 to $4000 dollars. That is a steal considering that a Brand new Ducati could put you back $10000 to $20000 dollars. But what is the catch. These bikes need work. Some have been in minor to major accidents. Some may have some frame or body damage. Some may just need cosmetic items done. Some just plain need engine care. Someone who knows their way around refurbishing engine parts.

This could be coming for a high end bike like a Ducati. These are very fast bikes and if their not taken care of and maintained as the years pass, engines can blow out.

But where would you find salvage motorcycles? The best places to look for salvage motorcycles are at your local junk yard, your local newspaper or auction sites. I personally recommend auction sites. Mainly, because the selection is so good. You can probably find anything that your looking for from a honda to a Suzuki to a Ducati. with so much of a selection it will probably be very easy to find exactly what you want.

Ok, now that you have found your dream bike. Here are some pointers to evaluate your purchase.

1. Don’t buy the first bike that you see. Take your time and bring a friend with you that knows a lot about bikes so that both of you can inspect the bike. This is very important because purchasing a bike is usually an impulse buy. Your friend will not be connected to the purchase so he can give you a honest opinion.

2. What is the overall appearance of the bike. Yes, this may be a salvage bike, but don’t take on anything that you will not be able to repair. Especially, if you will have to replace parts because of a shabby paint job. Also, look to see if the bike is sight down centerline, and down forks.

3. Has the bike been in a crash? Yes, this is a salvage bike but frame damage could be expensive to fix.

4. If possible take on a test drive. Because this is a salvage bike you may not be able to take the bike on a test drive. But, if you can this is a plus.

5, Check the clutch, brakes, gas tank, wheels, suspension, seat, and tires. The less that is wrong the less that will have to be repaired.

These are just a few of the points that you should check. For a more indepth evaluation take along a mechanic who specializes in motorcycle repair.

Remember their are plenty of great deals in salvage motorcycles, you just need to take the steps to find them.