Jamaican Colon Cleanse

In the old day’s Jamaican mothers gave children regular. Today, many adults have realised the therapeutic value of having, regular colon cleansing to keep the inner “plumbing’ in working order. Medical science shows that as one grows older, a colon clogged with years of accumulated waste deposits will provoke many illnesses, premature ageing, cancers, and other debilitating diseases.

A colon cleanse does for the human body what an oil change does for a car, since it empties impurities and lubricates the lining of the six feet of colon that expels waste from our bodies. One of the many facilities which offer colon cleansing is the Colon Care Centre, with branches in Half-Way Tree, Ocho Rios and central Montego Bay. Run by Debbie Cole, a member of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy, her husband Marlon (a nutritionist and health therapist) and her sister Dawn, the clinic is quiet and bright, decorated with paintings of Jamaican waterfalls, and has a small fountain bubbling in the waiting room.

There are three additional staff members in Kingston, and two each in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. A cleansing session lasts for about half an hour, during which a small amount of water is allowed to flow through the colon to gently stimulate the release of residual waste. The Colon Care Centre uses a machine which allows the water to flow in and be emptied out during the session, and there is a glass window in the machine through which the operator can see what is flowing out. This information is recorded, and the patient is informed on the condition of the bowel’s contents. At this time recommendation for diet and internal care is given to the patient.

The session is painless and not embarrassing. Most clothing can be kept on, and a gown is draped to ensure modesty. More than one session is usually recommended for total cleansing, especially of older patients. Patients interviewed had been varying reasons for having taken a Colon Cleanse Tablets for better health A colon cleanse does for the human body what an oil change does for a car. The patient is relaxed throughout the entire process.

Leontine, a beautiful 66-year- old, said an herbal doctor recommended the cleansing and detoxing. She finished the last of eight sessions, and was enthusiastic about how much good it had done her. “My bowel movements have been much easier now. I am now more conscious of what I eat because I was told I had a lot of undigested food, which really surprised me. So I am changing my eating habits, and eating some pawpaw after each meal, which is very good for me, she said. Elaine, a housewife in her mid-50s, said that she had come for a cleanse because she noticed that no matter how small her meals, her stomach would become as bloated as if she were six months pregnant. Two colon cleanses had reduced much of the bulk, which she had been told consisted of heavy constipation and a lot of mucus. Charmaine, a woman in her early 40s, said she started a series of cleanses on the recommendation of her sister, as they both were suffering from abdominal pains, and her sister had found colon cleansing helpful in easing the pain. Charmaine said since starting she had found this to be true.

As far back as 1500 B.C. Colon cleansing, said Debbie Cole, has been recorded as far back as the ancient Egyptians in 1500 B.C. Hippocrates, she added, recommended enemas to reduce fever And, not too long ago doctors had an enema bag among the medical instruments at hand and recommended that enemas be given to all new mothers the week after giving birth Cole began her unusual occupation as a result of her own illness, caused by a diet too heavy in carbohydrates.