Introduction to Sprockets

Power transmission has become very important for our day-to-day life, so other sources of transmission (shafts, pulleys, couplings) have also gained a vital role.


But what is a sprocket to be exact? This is a normal and quite popular wheel or gear that has a row of teeth made from metal that combine great with a track or a chain. In this area you might have heard about the notion “pitch”, which refers to the length registered between 2 sprockets. In this situation, the gears are prevented from slipping away and are normally applied when the chains are engaged by wheels or gears. In addition to this, sprockets are also used in the case of the motors that produce rotational motion. The industrial kind is part of chain drives, but here is very important that the sprocket matches the kind of chain used or else serious problems might appear.


The type of transmission mentioned above comes in a wide range of types and styles. There are a few manufacturers that only take into account special sprocket making types. For instance, a great example of sprocket is the one that has a hub extension on one of its sides. Another type of sprocket has a detachable blot included on a hub. Further on, this is united with a plate. But besides the ones mentioned above there are other examples too.


Depending on the amount of components, the sprockets can be divided into numerous kinds. First of all, there is the split sprocket, which represents a great alternative for the solid kind that permits a fast installation without preventing the alignment or the shaft. Second of all, there is the TB (the taper bushed) that is basically a bushed sprocket (interchangeable), which offers a positive grip in the case of the driven shaft. Thirdly, we have the QD (the quick detachable) type. In this case the tapered bushing is closed into the bore, which is machined inside the sprocket. For this, a tight grip is offered since the bushing comes inserted inside the sprocket, compressing the shaft.


As you have probably expected, the sprockets have a large range of applications. They can be utilized as farm implements (seed fertilizer drills) or in the bike sector. In the latter case, there are normally 2 types of sprockets – the front and the rear one (they are known under the name of the driving and the driven sprocket).

Next to this, a sprocket can also have automobile applications. In the case of the wheeler scooters, the sprocket is a wheel with metal teeth and a chain which rides on it. They are necessary if you want to obtain a great mobility for the wheelers.

As a conclusion we can say that sprockets are very important in many applications. Just like in some other power transmission sources (gearboxes, universal joints), these also represents a hot spot for many people.