In Financial Crisis? You Aren’t Powerless – Learn to Release and Allow

When we are faced with income that rises to meet expenditures rather than the other way around, we sometimes re-evaluate or possessions. “Do I really need that antique armoire? Does the series print really make that much difference?”

Or even worse, “Am I going to have to sell the house, the car or worse?” Let’s look at The Law of Allowing.

Why do we hold on to what we have when we look at them from a spiritual perspective. All that has been given us has been bestowed upon by co-creating with God and the Universe. The thing that matters most, love, cannot be diminished, only transformed. All the rest is basically on loan from Source. You don’t really “own” it. It is yours just for the lifetime. The only two things we take to heaven, or the other side, or the great beyond – whatever you might call it- is love and knowledge. Perhaps this is where we need to expend our energies more. When you leave this dimension all the sail boats, sports cars and fur coats will be left behind. Most often for our survivors to fight over.

You may say, “But I’ve worked hard for what I have. I can’t stand to see my house go into foreclosure or my car to be repossessed!” Yes, these occurrence are for disheartening. Remember, however, to get them you only exchanged energy for energy. Nothing is ever yours forever. You have the energy. More will be manifest by practicing The Law of Allowing.

Take only in this life time what you need. It will be provided. “As God provides for the birds of the air, he will provide for you also.” Just remember, he doesn’t promise you a Mercedes Benz. Don’t allow your life to be tied down with stuff. Oddly enough, the less you have the more energy is available to flow. The more you hang on to your possessions, you tether yourself to the third dimension and actually stop the flow of energy around you.

Take stock of your house. What is there that you really don’t need? What are you hoarding that another could use at a price you might both find amicable? That includes that antique armoire. If you are hanging on to things because you feel that some day you may need them but they’ve been hidden in the closet for ten years, re-evaluate. In actually, as you hoard, you hold abundance away from you. All that you possess is merely energy in material form. When you let go of those things you don’t need, the five bedroom house with four baths when a smaller home would do, realize the day will never come when you need them. The more you hold on you lessen the chance for more abundance. All that you have is energy in material form. As you let go of all that you do not need, the more that you open the door for more. When you hold on to your possessions because of fear, or lack in the future, then the energy around you becomes stagnant, still, and cannot move. Therefore you hold back the flow of energy.

This holds true in relationship is well. Are you holding on to a bad marriage? How can you expect an improvement and new and exciting love if you hold on to that which isn’t working and hasn’t, perhaps for years.

True abundance in all things flows effortlessly if only we practice The Law of Allowing. Once you do, you will find that all you need will flow to you, maybe even that Mercedes Benz.