How to Pass Your Driving Test With Flying Colors

It’s not enough to feel confident that you can drive well when taking your driving test. You must also ensure you have all sorts of other things covered.

The following is an essential checklist that you should take note of before heading for your test:

  • Before you ever leave home, check your turn signals, brake lights and headlights. These will be tested before you enter the car prior to your road test. Make sure you have any paperwork that must be turned in like for example, your learner’s permit.
  • Travel to the testing location with a licensed driver. Getting turned down and rescheduled is something you want to avoid on this day of your life.
  • Make sure you reach the test center at the right time. Don’ be late.
  • Don’t take your cell phone with you or at the very least ensure that you have it turned off. Be relaxed and friendly with your examiner but let him or her do most of the talking. Don’t forget that the tester does not know how good a driver you are so he may well be as nervous, or even more, than you are.
  • Listen attentively to all your examiner instructions. If you have studied and practiced everything in your driving manual you will only be asked what you should know backwards by now. It is also fine to ask him to repeat an instruction if you did not understand first time. The examiner will certainly prefer to repeat what he said than have you doing something wrong or potentially dangerous.
  • Always maintain your focus on the road. Check your speed and rear mirrors regularly but don’t linger. The examiner needs to make sure that you are aware of the traffic around you to assess how alert you are should a vehicle make an unexpected move and hence also assess how good you would be in case there was an accident and what steps you took to avoid it.
  • Don’t forget to always use your turning signals when changing lanes or turning left or right. When you brake make it as even as possible. Show the examiner that you can execute his instructions will great aplomb and calm.
  • You need to be especially prepared to make moves and maneuvers that most drivers find hard. Three point turns and parallel parking are two maneuvers you should practice ad nauseam. Swot up the rules for three or four way stops and practice this often using locations like empty car parks.

Passing the driving section of the test should be easy for you to pass if you have done plenty of practice and you also got the rules down to pat. You can congratulate yourself on a job well done now and show off your driving licence to your friends and family. But when you show off your driving skill always ensure that you do so by applying everything you have learned so that you can drive safely and happily for the rest of your life!