How to Clear away Rust From a Motorcycle Gas Tank

A person of the gains of getting to in a position to function on bikes is that you can generally uncover them quite low-priced when get the job done on them is required. Ordinarily, a bike that needs get the job done has been sitting for a although, usually with the tank empty. This implies in excess of time that rust has taken above, as was the case with a 1981 Honda CB650 that I experienced acquired. To say that this issue had rust in it was an understatement it experienced chunks of rust. The good news is nevertheless, the tank had no pin hole leaks or just about anything and was fully good. Now to the fun portion! I will make clear the course of action of eliminating rust from a motorcycle gas tank. As I mentioned, this was performed on a 81′ CB650, so it can be customized to that, but I’m guaranteed it will operate on most other bikes.

What you are going to have to have:

  • Acetone
  • Distilled drinking water (it really is essential that you only use distilled water)
  • Two stroke oil
  • A size of chain 4 to 6 toes extensive
  • Rags
  • A thing to plug the fuel outlet (I applied a small piece of hose a small rag and a piece of black tape)

Vital Note: ACETONE AND RUBBER DO NOT Blend! If you use rubber to seal the fuel output exchange it just about every time you drain the acetone mix as the acetone will take in absent at it.

At this stage I am going to suppose that you have the gasoline tank off the bike and that it truly is vacant. In this article is a step by action.

  1. Plug the fuel output and make sure it is sealed
  2. Fill the tank about &frac12 comprehensive of acetone and let it sit turning once in a while
  3. Wait around right away
  4. Shake the tank and vacant the acetone/rust mixture into a bucket
  5. Fill the tank &frac12 way yet again with acetone and this time drop the chain in
  6. Shake the tank typically and vigorously. The chain will knock remaining rust off
  7. Empty the acetone/rust mixture into the bucket
  8. Fill the tank up with distilled h2o and empty it out. Do this right up until only quite clean up drinking water arrives out and no rust can be listened to rattling all-around. I place a hairdryer in the gasoline hole and dried it out quickly immediately after
  9. Fill the tank about &frac14 with two stroke oil and shake it all over then empty it
  10. You should dispose of the acetone and other horrible chemical substances appropriately

I very counsel putting in an inline gas filter on the fuel line in in between the tank and carburetor. It will filter out any compact particles and maintain them out of the fuel technique. This method labored for me, my CB650 ran like a desire just after cleaning the tank like this! The next move is to give the carb a great cleansing.