History of the Suzuki GT185

History of the Suzuki GT185

Suzuki first launched its GT185 model in Europe and America early 1973. Japan didn’t receive the model until one year later in 1974. This model was also known as the Adventure and was first released with a twin-leading brake in the front wheel. This was changed a year later with a single disc laying the path for other GT model brakes were changed. The Suzuki GT185 stayed relatively the same until its discontinuation in 1977.

Suzuki produced five models within the three years of manufacturing to both release new specifications and new body schemes. The original model was known as the GT185K. The engine Suzuki released this bike with is an air-cooled 184cc parallel twin two-stroke which equipped 21 horsepower. The initial frame was beauty with leather seats and an unbelievable looking engine. The original Suzuki GT185 model was superb to say the least.

The second model that mad an appearance in the GT series was the Suzuki GT185 L. This model was released in 1974 just a year after the GT185’s original release. This model gave motorcycle enthusiasts two colors to choose from, either blue or gold. The only major difference with this model when compared to its predecessor is a sleeker body with added chrome.

The third model that was released in the GT185 series is the GT185 M. Almost every specification of this bike are copied from the previous releases. The only major difference is the body layout. The bikes seat sits a little bit lower than the GT185 L and the engine is raised a little higher. This time around people who purchased this bike were able to pick from a few more colors including red, blue and gold.

The Suzuki 185 A was manufactured in 1976 with only one difference. This difference was that the side panels on the bike were now black and the handle bars were created with a little more angle for more stability while driving. Soon after the Suzuki 185 A was released, the GT185 B made its way onto dealerships lots in 1977 with an entirely new look and even more chrome that will be able to easily catch the attention of other motorists and pedestrians.

The last model that was produced in the GT185 series was more like a cousin than an actual remake. This model is the smoothest of them all. The Suzuki GT185 came with alloy wheels and made its appearance in 1978. The Japanese models actually have different specifications the the models sold in Europe or America, but they’re all seen with the same perspective.

The specifications with the GT185 models stay pretty much the same throughout the GT185’s entire lifespan. The dry weigh is actually very small weighing just 129kg. Th overall length is at 1,950 mm and can easily fit two riders or even a saddlebag. The wheelbase helped very much with stability at 1,290 mm. The specifications of this bike created a whole new playing field for competitors everywhere.