Exciting New Concept Cars From Nissan and Toyota

In the recent years of vehicle trends, it seems like everyone is into eco-friendly vehicles such as hybrids and all electric cars. Americans cannot get enough of the mediocre looking Prius. They pee in their pants just thinking about the new all electric Nissan Leaf. But what about all the driving enthusiasts out there who wish they could drive a fun sports car that was both riveted by powerful performance and looked dead sexy? Both Nissan and Toyota have put their thinking caps on and came up with a couple exciting new concept cars for the future. Prius haters rejoice! You can still look good and be eco-friendly at the same time when driving these vehicles:

1) Nissan ESFLOW Electric Sports Car-it looks like a sports car and drives like a sports car, but it has one key difference-it’s all electric. The ESFLOW is powered by the same technology used in the Nissan Leaf. The ESFLOW is a pure electric vehicle with zero emissions, has two electric motors and lithium ion batteries. With the new ESFLOW, no sacrifices need to be made to drive an ecological car. You get everything you want out of this eco-friendly sports car-an attractive sleek look, sporty performance and friendly to the environment.

2) Nissan Townpod Concept. After seeing the new 2011 Juke, it isn’t shocking to see Nissan developing the most unique looking concept vehicles in the market today. Take a look at the Nissan Townpod Concept, a car that looks more like a toy than an actual vehicle. Nissan notices that there are more people today who work from home and do not have fixed hours or regimented schedules. Their business life and social life tend to blend together. As such, Nissan believes “their personal transportation must be equally multifaceted.” The Townpod will combine the “comfort and style of a passenger car with the businesslike utility of a commercial vehicle.” This will also be a zero emission vehicle.

3) Toyota FT-HS. Toyota’s concept FT-HS combines hybrid powertrain with sports car fundamentals. In order to come up with a “suitable sports car for the 21st century” Toyota developed the FT-HS concept, a hybrid sports car that is powered by a V6 3.5L engine and coupled with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive that produces 400 horsepower and a projected zero-to-60 acceleration in the four-second range.