Doral Colt – This Versatile Doral Boat is All About Power in a Runabout

Doral Colt – This Versatile Doral Boat is All About Power in a Runabout

A runabout boat is simply a small motorboat that can hold four to eight individuals. It is designed to move about on the water and is usually lightweight. Runabouts can be used for pleasure activities like fishing and water skiing. This also goes well as a ship’s tender for larger vessels. The Doral Colt is among this category of boats.

Just like most of Doral boats, its hull is made of fiberglass. The outboard runabout is 6’6″ wide at the widest point making it an outboard boat. The overall length spans 15 feet and weighs approximately 1050 pounds without passengers, fuel, or gear.

According to Doral boats, the maximum horsepower for this outboard boat is 90 hp. But you might want to verify that, especially if repowering for safety and insurance purposes. You will want your insurance company to insure your Doral boat.

So it is highly recommended to keep a manual for the engine. New engines are available too although expensive, so choosing the right engine for this boat is not just about power, it’s also about the price.

The fiberglass hull might be the reason behind the light weight and the attributes that make it quick and nimble but even being made of fiberglass it is advised that the boat be kept dry and covered when not in use.

This will greatly preserve the value and beauty of the boat so that the resale value is kept high. Proper care and regular maintenance pays off not just for the craft but also for the owner.

This Doral boat is highly customizable too. You can have choices with its propulsion being able to choose between an inboard, outboard, jet drive, or inboard-outboard hybrid drives. You can add new seats, mooring cover, stainless steel fuel tank, battery and your very own entertainment system.

Check out a Doral Colt by Doral International today and you won’t be disappointed.