Converting Car to Electric – Electric Car Wiring

The electric car has an elaborate wiring system. It is so because unlike the conventional vehicle which needs power only for the control its electric cal accessories such as wipers and headlamps, the electric car needs the wiring system for its motive power. It needs it for movement. For this reason, it must have an elaborate wiring system that will be able to withstand heavy usage, reduce energy loss and at the same time optimize power for the motor.

There are four main electrical systems in the electric car – the propulsion system which includes the motors, the 12 volt system which enables the wipers and headlamps to work, the charging system which works through the process of regenerative braking when the driver steps on the brakes, the driver’s displays and controls. All of these systems require intricate wiring systems.

The wiring system becomes more pronounced when it comes to instrumentation. You would recognize that the electric car has no fuel gauge. Instead it has a voltmeter which shows how much power is left in the batteries. The there is the ammeter which shows the propulsion system measurement.

The electric car uses heavy cables for its wiring because currents could be as high as 300 amps. For this reason, the cables are clad in heavy duty lugs so that power leakage and burn out are reduced to the minimum. Again you have a 400 amp fuse on the circuit and anti corrosion material is applied on the terminals to reduce corrosion.

The most complex aspect is the charger interlock system that disengages the controller during charging so that the vehicle does not accidentally accelerate off during recharge.

If you are doing the conversion yourself, you may want to get General Plans & Wiring Schematics to help you in the electrical set up. This is a core component of the kit that you will buy and your purchase would not be complete whiteout it. The details here will show you how to mount the wiring, its cables and other accessories for optimum functionality.