Clek Oobr VS Diono Radian RXT

There is nothing more important than your child’s safety. You would always give your best in providing him everything that he needs particularly when he is inside a moving vehicle. Knowing that car seats are a requirement imposed by the government to ensure every child’s safety, as a parent, you would never dare not to give this to your child knowing how critical and imperative it is to give the best protection.

You may be trying your best to give the best car seat to your child, but given the complexity of the idea that there are many to choose from, it surely is hard to get the one that is most suitable for him. With this, it is great to note that there are two types of car seats that have been deemed superior in their own rights. Here is an insightful comparison between Clek Oobr VS Diono Radian RXT.

If your child has reached four years old, he needs a different kind of protection when it comes to his car seat. The car seat must be apt for his height and weight to ensure that he will be safe all the time. With this, he needs a booster seat such as the Clek Oober. This is a versatile type of booster because it can be used in two different ways. It can be used as a backless or a fullback booster.

  • Backless booster requirements: 40 to 100 pounds; 40 to 57 inches tall
  • Fullback booster requirements: 33 to 100 pounds; 38 to 57 inches tall

This booster is packed with safety features such as the rigid latch system which allows fast and safe installation. You can be certain that the connection between the car and the seat is strengthened. It also has deep side wings for better side impact protection. This limits movement particularly your child’s head thus, protecting his neck and spine as well. Most importantly, its Exclusive Elemental Safety System safeguards your child since the collision can happen from any direction.

On the other hand, if you want a convertible seat that can carry babies and kids from 5 to 120 pounds, then you can choose the Diono Radian RTX. This convertible seat is rated to last for 10 years, a great deal for those parents who want to save more money without compromising their child’s safety. It has body support cushion for smaller babies for better comfort and fit.

When it comes to protection in his body’s most vulnerable areas, such as the head, face, neck, torso and hip, you can be sure that its full steel frame will do that. What makes this convertible seat a great buy is that it can fits in mid-sized and bigger vehicles it can also be used for airplane travel and is foldable and easy to carry.

Both these seats have proven their worth in saving many lives. They are chosen by parents who want nothing but the best for their babies. So if you love your child, getting any of these two will be your best gift ever.