Celebrating Significant Changes and Celebrating Success This Independence Day in Venezuela

On the 5th of July the beautiful and geographically diverse nation of Venezuela will once again celebrate Independence Day and relive the events that led to Simon Bolívar bringing the nation to independence from Spain on July 5 1811. The only difference between the celebrations of previous years is that now, in 2008 the Venezuelan people have even more reasons to celebrate this July.

The nation’s elected president, Hugo Chávez has wrought significant changes to this oil rich country and enjoyed almost unprecedented popular support by bringing everything from healthcare reforms to education and a political voice to all sectors of society in what was once a nation where the gulf between rich and poor was too acutely felt. This Independence Day Venezuela and Venezuelans can therefore celebrate the significant changes and the significant successes that the nation is now benefitting from, and showcase the country as an increasingly attractive place to visit and to invest.

Thanks to increasing oil revenues, Venezuela – which was a founding member of OPEC and which remains one of the most important oil producers in the world – has been able to reinvest significantly into the positive development of the nation and into the positive enhancement of the lives of all its citizens. Furthermore, increased oil revenue has given the country a chance to explore other sectors of the economy and to invest into the promotion of parts of the country as exceptionally attractive places to vacation for example.

One area of the nation that has received investment for promotional and developmental purposes is the stunning island of Isla Margarita. Dubbed “the Caribbean Gateway to Venezuela,” Isla Margarita is arguably the most important location within the context of the entire tourism promotional strategy of the country, therefore its significance cannot be underestimated. Lying off the north coast of Venezuela and caressed by the beautiful waters of the Caribbean, Isla Margarita is already a fabulous tourism retreat and now, thanks to the promotion it is receiving as part of Venezuela’s push to publicise its appeal internationally, the island is becoming something of a booming property investment hotspot as well.

As a Caribbean island but one lying outside the hurricane zone, Isla Margarita is naturally blessed with palm fringed, perfect white sandy beaches and a climate that is ideal all year round. It has just witnessed improvements to its accessibility, and thanks to the significant private and public money being ploughed into the enhancement of the island’s infrastructure and overall tourism appeal, it has stormed onto the radar for those seeking a perfect property investment location offering exceptional potential for year round rental income and strong long-term capital appreciation possibilities.

This Independence Day the celebrations on Isla Margarita will be as fun and frenetic as elsewhere in Venezuela as the local Margariteños put on a party to remember – but this year the celebrations will be enjoyed by even greater numbers of visitors who are presenting property investors with targeted potential for the generation of rental income. It is these visitors who have pushed up the direct allure and attraction of the island for would-be investors, and as they arrive in annually increased numbers, so some real estate developers on the island who are building the highest-grade homes in the most sought after and stunning locations on Isla Margarita are able to offer investors fidelity bond backed rental guarantees for up to 10 years!

If you’ve been looking for an emerging hotspot with significant potential backed by one of the world’s strongest oil economies, you need look no further than the almost unprecedented opportunity currently presenting itself in Venezuela on Isla Margarita. Isla Margarita embodies the principles of independence – and the opportunity that the island is currently presenting investors as well as local people with represents liberty and freedom, prosperity and success – some of the very ideologies that likely led Simon Bolívar to liberate the nation from the Spanish in 1811 and which drive the policies of Chávez as he enhances and betters his nation to this day.