Barracuda BC-12 Mini Stun-Gun – Setting the Standard in a Competitive Industry

Barracuda BC-12 Mini Stun-Gun – Setting the Standard in a Competitive Industry

Since the launch of their very first model, Barracuda stun guns have set the standard for what we have come to expect from a self defense tool. These are by far the most reliable hi power non lethal self defense weapons on the market today.

The BC-12, 1.2 million volt mini stun gun, was introduced to the general public in November of 2007. With a few revolutionary improvements, such as a rechargeable Nichol Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery, it was obvious that Barracuda was here to stay. The Nichol Metal Hydride battery is far superior to the Nichol Cadmium (NiCd) batteries which are used in most rechargeable stun guns. Unlike the Nichol Cadmium battery, the Nichol Metal Hydride battery has no memory, so after just a few charging cycles it can be charged at will, without fear of losing the longevity of the battery. This battery is also environmentally friendly and can be found in the new Hybrid cars as well.

The charger is built right in to the BC-12; you don’t have to worry about losing it. To charge the unit you simply slide the button on the bottom to expose the plug prongs and plug it in. The first time you charge the unit you want to charge it for around 12 to 15 hours and then once every six weeks or so for about an hour just to make sure you have the maximum charge. This model also features a wrist strap/safety disable pin which when disengaged, disables the unit. I really like this feature.

If for some reason you are overpowered while trying to use the unit and it is taken away from you, as long as you have the strap around your wrist or in your hand it cannot be used against you. A nylon holster is also included with this model. One thing to remember, if you use the holster be sure to place the unit in the holster firing end first, then fold the wrist strap across the top and close the flap. This will not only prevent you from losing the wrist strap, but will also ensure that when unit is removed from the holster the strap is readily available and the first thing in your hand.

With the success of the first model, and the constant demand for more power, the 1.8 million volt BC-18 was introduced. This model is identical to the BC-12 but with a lot more power. Just to here this model fired off will detour most assailants.

To make the product line complete Barracuda then released the 1 million volt BC-10. This model was designed for those who prefer the older, larger style stun gun. The unit is powered by two nine volt Eveready Alkaline batteries, and they do specify Eveready Alkaline batteries. These batteries will give you the maximum charge for full power. The batteries are very simple to install, just slide open the compartment on the bottom of the unit, snap them in, and you are ready to go.

The BC-10 also doubles as an 80db personal alarm, and both features can be used either together or separately simply by changing the position of the on/off switch. This model has a belt clip built right on to the unit and comes with a nylon holster as well.