Autistic Perspective – An Enlightened View of A New World Order

End of the world is coming sooner than you think, but it will be not what you think. It will be a new world order where man serves rather than destroys his home. Altered realities will unveil themselves. Those willing to stay in the physical will be required to unite in a common goal of serving the planet, and its earthbound citizens. Movement will be slow but consistent as the shift in consciousness moves from me to us. It will be easy as those left will understand they must align with God, the source or underlying force field to survive. Courageous, loving individuals will choose to remain and rebuild. Their decision will be based on unconditional love and service. Others will support their efforts from other dimensions. Orbs will be seen and communicated with as we release our “personal power” to “joined” or “merged” power which increases exponentially in force and magnitude.

Twelve twenty-one is the beginning of this new cycle of awareness. We know the power of souls conjoined. Others will rapidly move to that awareness. Seeing beauty in everyone returns us to the source of power, God. Being in a place of conscious surrender will broaden the capacity to see through current level of separation as we move in unison with the source to co-create. Energy flow of ideas based on principles of universal laws brings in earthly changes resulting in heightened awareness of connecting fields of consciousness. Such states enhance communal sharing of resources.

The reality is humans have blended energy systems without constriction or boundaries. They are uniquely wired to reach other souls by joining consciousness. Most people do not have the perceptual awareness of this talent of mutual support. This joining reaches above absolute knowing shows that nothing is really known because everything is constantly changing.

The universe is alive and growing and dying off and being replenished by new thought forms. Few see how interdependent earth is on its relationship with other dimensions. Choking off flow of energy between planes of existence needs to stop. It will be necessary for the exponential growth of the earth plane and its consciousness to continue.

Love light and courage will usher us into this necessity. Join others to bring our world into the consciousness of people open to evolved thought necessary to bring change of heart and mind, where “joined thought” frees the ego from dominance. Community and humanity search freely for outcomes that benefit our planet. Individual greed subsides as the good of the many surpasses the wants of the individual. Religion becomes unified in bringing balance rather than discord. Love opens the door.