Are You Running on Empty – Parenting and Driving Have More In Common Than You Might Think

Parenting & Driving – so similar!

Parenting and Driving a car have more similarities than you might think! When your car is Empty it won’t run – well the same goes for you as a parent!

For a car to run well you need to fill it with good quality fuel and get it serviced regularly. You need to take lessons to learn how to drive and then get to know and understand the model and make of your car to ensure it runs well and stays in good condition for many years to come. Every time you buy a new car, you need to adapt your driving skills to meet your cars individual needs (such as, whether the car is an automatic or manual, whether it runs on petrol, diesel, or whether it’s a hybrid or electric car).

These process steps are very similar to the steps required for good parenting

For you to have the energy, stamina and patience required to parent well, first you need to fill your body and mind with good quality fuel (healthy food) and maintain your body with good quality quality sleep, positive relationships and reduced stress. Then you need to gain the parenting skills required to put good parenting into practice. Finally you need to understand your particular child’s temperament and personality to know how to adjust the tools to meet your child’s individual needs.

What happens if you forget or neglect to put fuel in your car, or you fill your car with the wrong fuel or cheaper fuel?

ANSWER – You car will break down and may end up with permanent damage.

The same thing happens to you if you fill your body with junk and neglect to look after yourself over a period of time.

What happens if you rush through your driving lessons while trying to get your license?

ANSWER – You’ll feel frustrated and defeated once you fail your test whilst your car sits there not being able to be driven.

The same thing happens to you as a parent. If you don’t learn the right parenting skills, you’ll muddle your way through parenting, regularly feel like a failure and feel frustrated

What happens if you don’t learn the specific needs of the car you have chosen to purchase?

You’ll drive the car into the ground as you attempt to force the car to be driven in a way that does not suit the car’s specific needs.

The same can be said for parenting. If you don’t take time to understand your child’s temperament needs, you’ll keep trying to push parenting techniques like controlled crying, or time outs that don’t suit all children and assume your child’s tantrums are simply the result of bad behaviour.

In both cases, missing a step, can have significant impacts on you, your child and on your relationships. So each step is as important as the last and should not be taken for granted.

So what can you do to start ensuring you are following the right steps…

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