Alternative Car Show Coming Soon

Are you hot for an alternative car or vehicle? Are you looking for the right kind of ideas and information when it comes to such? Do you think you still lack the knowledge on these vehicles to actually buy one?

Well, your prayers are just about to be answered. This coming December 9th and 10th, a car show on alternative cars and transportation would be held in the city of Santa Monica. And yes, it would be the city’s government who would be sponsoring and even hosting the AltCar Expo which would be open to the public. You can rush to the Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Air Center to take part of this.

What would one expect from this one of a kind car show? Well, sure, there would be less of the usual vehicles clad in Jeep parts, Mercedes Benz parts, and Chevrolet parts. But there would be a real good share of alternative vehicles and those cars that have a high mile per gallon rate. Technology of such vehicles would also be showcased and shared. Seminars and symposiums would also be held so that goers could actually be able to interact with the experts on this matter. These would also be free of charge so interested parties need not worry about expenses.

“The price of oil, national security, health concerns, and environmental damage are all issues that need to be addressed now. Making more fuel efficient decisions ultimately helps everyone,” says Craig Perkins who is the environmental and public works director for the city. He would be sharing his expertise and knowledge at the AltCar Expo on the vehicles that clean air and fuel efficient. Of course, he would be dwelling on such type of vehicles that are also already available for anyone to purchase.

According to the organizers of AltCar Expo, there would actually be over a hundred alternative fuel vehicles and high MPG vehicles to be showcased. The range would include vehicles that have various sources of fuel and power – from hybrid to electric to compressed natural gases, to hydrogen to plug-ins to ethanol and even to biodiesel.