All-electric Zero Motorcycles to be assembled in PH

All-electric Zero Motorcycles to be assembled in PH

There’s been a lot of talk about the entry of an electric-motorcycle manufacturer here in the Philippines over the past several months. Now, it’s official—Integrated Micro-Electronics (IMI) and Zero Motorcycles have just inaugurated this first high-powered e-motorcycle manufacturing assembly line in the Philippines.

IMI is a global electronics manufacturing expert, while Zero Motorcycles isa California-based manufacturer of electric motorcycles. The two companies showcased the full electric motorcycle assembly, the battery assembly setup, and the first units assembled in the Philippines.

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The assembly line for Zero Motorcycles’ bikes is located inside IMI’s facility at the Laguna Technopark.

“The partnership will further strengthen our firm commitment to carrying out the development of EV ecosystem in the Philippines while securing a greener future for the Filipinos,” said IMI CEO Arthur Tan. “IMI is uniquely positioned to have both the competency of electronics manufacturing as well as e-bike assembly under one roof.”

“For us, IMI is a perfect partner to expand our manufacturing in the region, a good place to build a global base,” said Zero Motorcycles CEO Sam Paschel. “This complements IMI’s manufacturing and supply of EV chargers which are currently integrated and installed by Greenstrum in more than 50 sites across the country.”

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“With Zero and IMI together, there is no partnership or set of brands in the world that is in a better position to take advantage of this transformation and to lead and reshape how two-wheel transportation is going to happen,” Paschel added. “The IMI team and the Ayala group have exceeded every expectation I could ever have as the CEO of a leading global EV company, and I am more firm in my convictions today that the decision we made about the Philippines and more specifically IMI was 100% the right decision for this brand at this moment of history.”

This partnership is set to address the demand for full-sized electric motorcycles which is expected to reach about 16,000 bikes per year in 2025.