Adventure Mountain Biking With Safety Equipment

Adventure Mountain Biking With Safety Equipment

Mountain biking is the perfect sport for those with an appetite for outdoors and adventure. Cycling downhill gives the adrenaline rush that thrills many youngsters. MTB bicycles or bikes as they are popularly called are designed specifically for this sport. The MTB bikes come with suspension to with stand the tuft terrain. The bicycle may come either with full suspension or only front suspension.

Mountain bikes are normally categorized into four groups based on suspension:

Rigid: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a rigid fork and fixed rear, but no suspension.

Hard tail: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a front suspension fork and no rear suspension.

Soft tail: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a small amount of rear suspension, which is activated by the flex of the frame instead of pivots.

Dual or full suspension: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a front suspension fork and rear suspension with a rear shock and linkage that allow the rear wheel to move on pivots.

While choosing a mountain bike for a trail, it is important to consider the right frame for the particular terrain.

What is required for mountain biking?

Mental and physical strength is a key requirement for mountain biking. One should be extremely agile and have excellent control over the bike in order to perform the ride in a hilly terrain with ease. The key to trailing on tuft terrains is endurance and core strength.

The right equipment is another vital requirement for a mountain biker. He/She has to pick the right bike to fight with the challenging terrains. Mountain bikes come with rich componentry for this purpose. The Hercules Roadeo series typically addresses this need. The bike comes with Shimano easy fire shifters for smooth transition of gears. It also comes with both front and rear Shimano derailleur. The free wheel is a Shimano TZ21 which is your ticket to safely and quickly rolling on any type of terrain.

The bike Hercules Roadeo A300 comes with front Zoom disc brakes and rear V brakes. The disc brakes prevent the heat from getting dissipated into the tyre. The disc brakes are also not harsh on the rims making it a good bet for mountain bikes


Mountain biking requires great accessories for yourself and the bike. The bike has to be fitted with front and rear lights for safety. Pumps are a must and ought to be carried on any trail and more so on off road biking trails. For the rider, the right type of clothing and shoes is a must. Shoes need to have good grip to provide safety to the rider. Jerseys must be comfortable and should have the ability to withstand falls. Last but not the least, never get on a bike or bicycle without a helmet. BSA from TI cycles of India has a great range of accessories under the brand BSA Plug-in.

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