Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Cars

With the price of oil soaring and gasoline prices rising as a result, the desire for alternative fuels is higher than ever. Electric cars are one alternative mode of transportation that eschews the use of gas. Electric cars have both advantages and disadvantages as an alternative mode of transportation.

Advantages of Electric Cars

  • Electricity is everywhere and easy to come by. We do not need to set up electricity stations on the corner to re-charge our cars. It can be done at home.
  • Electric vehicles are noiseless.
  • There are no emissions from electric vehicles. As a result the environment will be cleaner with less smog and greenhouse gases.
  • Electric cars are easy to assemble. They have few moving parts so they require less time and effort to put together.
  • Electric cars require less maintenance. So not only will the owner save money on gas purchases but there will be less maintenance costs.
  • There may be tax credits or rebates possible if an electric car is purchased. Check with your city and insurance company to see if they have any specials rates or rebates if you purchase an electric car.
  • The power plants that produce the electricity for the cars do pollute the environment but pollution from these power plants can be controlled better than gasoline engines.

Disadvantages of Electric Cars

  • One charge on a battery can take the car approximately 160km. Therefore if you plan on traveling a long distance this is not the car to use.
  • It takes 6-8 hours to fully recharge the battery. You can not expect to be ready to go in a few minutes after wearing down the battery.
  • There is no battery charging stations along highways for long distance travel. And if there were it would take too long to completely re-charge your car.
  • Your home must be outfitted with a charging station to recharge the car battery.
  • Your electric bill will probably increase as you have to draw power from your home electrical system to charge your car.
  • Electric cars cannot compete with gas powered cars in terms of speed and acceleration. Technology has not yet developed an electrical system as powerful as a gas powered vehicle.
  • Accessories such as air conditioning will drain the battery faster.

Today electric vehicles work wonderfully for short distance travel and would be ideal for the weekend or for the individual that works at home. Electric vehicle manufacturers are working hard to make this car efficient and worthwhile for everyone. In the meantime the gas/electric hybrid is an effective substitute for the long distance driver. While it does save on gas there is no need to re-charge the vehicles battery.