A Short History About the Suzuki GT125

A Short History About the Suzuki GT125

The Suzuki GT125 made its debut in 1974 and was released to the public as a “naked bike.” This Suzuki model has a similar appearance in layout as the GT185 model. Both models had few common parts since both the wheelbase and engine were smaller with the GT125 model. However, some used parts will be able to fit accordingly with each model. The GT125 was an attractive seller in competitive market it competed in.

The engine that the Suzuki GT125 made its first appearance with was a twin two-stroke that allowed this motorcycle to reach top speeds of almost 80mph. The GT125 ran a chain transmission with a 5 speed gearbox. These specifications were very good for a motorcycle model released during the mid 1970’s. The first time you start up the engine it will roar at a high velocity that will have you begging for more and more you will get.

The Suzuki GT125 is a relatively light weight bike weighing in at 269 pounds with the gas tank full. The front brakes are a single disc while the rear brakes are home to an expanding brake. The brakes are of course handy to have, but if you just bought a used GT125 recently you may just want to check the brakes and change them if necessary. Keeping both you any your motorcycle safe is easy when you take the necessary precautions. Having control of every situation is just not possible.

The fuel capacity is quite small for the standards of today holding just 2.64 gallons. However, when this bike was manufactured and sold to the public 2.64 gallons went a lot further than it does now. This aspect is especially true when you put the weight of the bike into the equation. The Suzuki GT125 does have a lot of value in both enjoyment and possibilities. Though, a road trip may be out of the question if you don’t like making too many pit stops.

From 1974 to 1978 the Suzuki GT125 continued without changes except a few minor adjustments. After Suzuki decided to stop producing the GT125 model they based many later bikes such as the RG125 X4 on it. Production of the Suzuki GT125 actually stopped in 1979 while many dealerships kept selling them off the lot until 1979. The later based RG125 X4 was included in Suzuki’s sale literature in continental Europe until 1980.

The Suzuki GT125 is on the top of many collectors bike list for its sleek look and retro approach. This motorcycle has all the standards of today’s bikes with the ability to interchange pieces in order to give it a modern look or the ability to restore it to its original standards. If you have just recently purchased a Suzuki GT125, in a matter of no time you will see what all the fuss is about. If you ever have the chance to hop on to a Suzuki GT125 every owner out there suggests you do so.