8 Advantages of an 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery

The 18650 is a type of Lithium-ion battery pack. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the major advantages of these battery packs. Read on to find out more.

1. Wide Range of Uses

First of all, these cells are used in a wide range of devices and appliances, such as digital cameras, video cameras, toys, model aircraft, audio equipment, portable DVD players, and walkie-talkies. This is what makes these power packs so popular across the globe.

2. Series Connection

These batteries allow a series connection to be made. You can use several of these units in parallel or series to have a battery pack. This is done to power heavy devices and equipment. All you need to do is place these cells next to each other or on top of one another.

3. Lower Resistance

The inside resistance of these cells is lower than the regular liquid cells. As a matter of fact, the resistance can be lower than 35mΩ. This helps cut down on the self-discharge rate of the battery pack and provides a longer standby time for a variety of devices like cell phones.

For instance, if you go for a Lithium Polymer battery, you can enjoy a high discharge current for remote control devices. This is the reason these units are an ideal alternative to your regular nickel-metal hydride batteries.

4. No Memory Effect

Another great feature of these batteries is that you don’t need to fully discharge the battery before you recharge it once again. Therefore, these units are much convenient to use for most users.

5. High Voltage

Generally, the voltage of a 18650 Lithium-ion battery is 4.2V, 3.8V, or 3.6V, which is much higher than the regular nickel-cadmium ones. The voltage of these units is 1.2 volts.

6. High Safety Performance

18650 batteries come to allow high safety performance, which means there is no risk of explosion, toxins, pollution, or burning. So, you can enjoy a high level of safety performance. Plus, these units offer over 500 cycles before you can experience a reduction in performance.

Since the negative and positive electrodes of these units are separated, there is no risk of a battery short circuit. So, the chances of short-circuit phenomenon are very low. Apart from this, you can add a protection board in order to prevent the cells from overcharging. This step can help extend the life of the unit.

7. Long Life

As far as service life is concerned, these batteries are one of the best units. They can offer more than 500 cycles if you use the units under normal conditions.

8. Large Capacity

Generally, a 18650 battery pack comes with a capacity between 1200mah and 3600mah. On the other hand, a general battery doesn’t offer more than 800mah. If you combine multiple units to form a pack, you can get more than 5000mah of power.

In short, these are just some of the advantages of the popular 18650 battery pack. Hopefully, you will find this article useful.