7 Bad Habits That Are Aging Your Eyes

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Eyes are the gateway to your soul and it’s essential that you keep your eyes safe and healthy for their long life. But there are many day to day things that might harm your eyes and age your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes:

We all have done this some time or the other, maybe unknowingly or knowingly. The skin around the eyes is delicate. It is in most cases the first areas on your face where you can see the signs of aging. When you rub your eyes the tiny blood vessels under the eyes break causing dark eye circles and puffy eyes. This gives your eyes an aged look and also causes premature crow’s feet and drooping eyelids.

Late Nights:

If you’re a night owl or if you sleep very less, you’re making your eyes age faster. Studies have shown that sleeping less accelerates aging and the first signs of aging are seen near the eyes. Sleeping less causes bloodshot eyes, redness, dark circles, twitching, blurry vision and dry eyes.

Not Drinking Water:

Eating a high sodium diet and drinking less amounts of water can cause your body to feel dehydrated. Dehydration can result in less production of tears. Fewer tears mean eyes feel dry and can cause puffy eyelids, redness and dry eyes.

Poor Diet:

We all love fast food and processed foods but it can be a reason for your eyes to age much faster. It’s necessary to eat fruits and vegetables daily to maintain a good diet. Fruits and vegetables along with dairy, nuts and other healthy source of nutrients, vitamin, minerals and essential fatty acids can present you with the best eye health. Colorful fruits, enough greens and fresh fish can protect you from many age related eye problems too. Maintaining a good diet, exercising, watching your weight and a healthy diet is far better than taking eye vitamins.

Sun Exposure- Not wearing sunglasses:

Sunglasses are not only stylish but they’re essential protection for your eyes as well. Eyes are sensitive to sunlight and the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Extended exposure to sun can create sunburn to the eyes which is known as Photokeratitis. Also known eye problems like macular degeneration, pinguecula and pterygium can happen due to long hours in the sun. Sunglasses that block 100% of these harmful UV rays is a must to keep your eyes healthy. So whenever you’re outside, whether it’s overcast or sunny, wear sunglasses that will block 100% of the sun’s rays including UVA, UVB and HEV rays.

Smoking Habits:

Smoking is harmful for your whole body and this includes your eyes. If you’re an avid smoker, blame yourself for your aged eyes. Serious eye problems like diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataracts, uveitis and dry eyes can be cause by prolonged smoking. Some studies have said that smokers are nearly four times more likely to go blind when compared with non-smokers.

Not Getting Proper Check-Ups:

Many eye problems can be detected at early stages and treated, some problems can be delayed with proper eyewear and correctors but without detection all of this is impossible. It’s necessary to get your eyes checked every six months. If your family has a history of a particular eye problem let your doctor know so that you can be diagnosed if such problem arises.